Lama Kunga ( Producer / Editor )

A Buddhist monk and a golf pro unravel the meaning of life on the back nine.
Winner of the 2005 National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Short Feature Story
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Toboggan Championships ( Producer / Director / Editor )

Who's got the fastest sled on Ragged Mountain? Don your mukluks, come to Camden and find out!
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Noodling ( Producer / Director )

No rod... no reel... no problem! The age old tradition of Oklahoma hand fishing is passed from one generation to the next.
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Iroquois Lacrosse (Producer / Director)

The Oneida Indian Nation's youth lacrosse program fosters cultural rebirth in upstate New York.
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Skydiving (Producer / Director)

The Air Force Academy's "Wings of Blue" parachute team competes at the U.S. Collegiate Parachuting Championships.
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Mexican Baseball (Producer / Director / Editor)

With the help of some American expatriates, the Saltillo Saraperos endeavor to break a 35-year-old curse and win the Mexican Baseball League Championship.
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